Special Offer - Diffuser + Candle Set


Special offer : Set diffuser with rattan rods plus a Porcelaine pot of Limoges with its recharge

Sensors: the choice developed by Grasse perfumers: White Wisteria, woody, groumand or amber

Capacity : 250 mL

Weight: About 450 g

Recharge dimensions: 80x75 mm

Weight: About 200 g


The set includes:

- Fragrance diffuser Hat - Perfume of interior to choice
-A Porcelain pot of Limoges engraved, scent matching the diffuser

- Spindles

- Made in France


The advantages of capillarity diffusion:

No flame, no heat, or safe diffusion

No energy consumption

A permanent broadcast

Some tips:

Stay close to your candle when it is lit to avoid any fire risk.

Do not let your candle burn near a heat source, air current or ventilation.

For your candle to burn harmoniously until the end, turn off the candle only when the whole surface is liquid.

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Our perfume diffuser and our olfactory objects are designed to be both decorative elements of your interior and to provide you with the perfect atmosphere.


We bring the greatest care to the selection of perfumes we offer for your interior.

We make sure to use only quality materials and scents.Scents are developed by perfumers in Grasse, the world's perfume capital.

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