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Our candles, perfume diffusers and our olfactory objects are designed to be decorative elements of your interior and provide you with the perfect atmosphere. Our fragrant porous ceramic objects inspired by nature ensure excellent diffusion by capillarity.

We bring the greatest care to the selection of perfumes we offer for your interior. Depending on your desires, or the moment of the day we offer perfumes with different benefits. Start early in the morning with annoying Figuier or relax in the evening with relaxing Jasmin!

We make sure to use only quality materials and scents. Perfumes are developed by perfumers in Grasse, the world perfume capital. From the manufacture of porcelain to wax, all stages of production are followed by Manufactures labeled EPV "Energy of the Living Heritage".

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Bucolique fragrance diffuser

Price €31.67
Name : Bucolique fragrance diffuser Scents  of choice developed by perfumers of Grasse : comfort Brumese amber, soothing Sandalwood of...

Bucolique ball diffuser...

Price €23.33
Name: Bucolique ball diffuser (houx engraving) Colour: White Diameter: 76 mm Weight: About 72 g   - Ceiling ball in porous...

Bucolique ball diffuser...

Price €23.33
Name : Bucolique ball diffuser (feuilles engraving) Colour: Bisque Diameter: 88 mm Weight: About 116 g   - Ceiling ball in...