Subtile Home - Creator and revealer of French know-how


Subtile Home is a French creation house of unique decoration and art articles of the table. Its achievements are original handmade pieces to bring refinement and elegance to your interior. A French heritage ambassador, Subtile Home honours many know-how. From creation to manufacturing, all our products are fully designed and designed by our designers. They are then made and decorated in our workshop or in our partner workshops, carefully selected for their recognized know-how. In an effort to offer products of excellence, we ensure that we work with certified manufacturers Corporate of the Living Heritage. Numerous art crafts are involved in the manufacture of each piece: modeler, porcelain maker, threader, craftsman. Each article is thus considered a work of art. For the formulation of our perfumes, we naturally use perfume artisans in Grasse, the world perfume capital. We bring great importance to surround ourselves with the best in every discipline.



The art of living in French – Achieving French excellence

To sublimate your receptions with articles in real Limoges porcelain and create the ideal atmosphere with delicately scented candles, Subtile Home invites you to your table and interior. The sense of detail, the quest for refinement and excellence participate in the French Art of Living, recognized throughout the world. We ensure that we create a true sensory and cultural experience.

Creativity as a driving thread

We constantly navigate in a universe of contrasts to reveal the best: Tradition and modernity, know-how and creation, history and innovation. Esthetics is at the heart of our creations. We look for the originality of shapes, the mix of textures, the delicateness of finishes. We cultivate a sleek style and patterns inspired by nature. Each piece is designed to inspire the emotion and enchantment of our senses: · the finesse, shine and transparency of our porcelain with immaculate whiteness · the subtle scents of our interior fragrances · experience and good memories of a moment in an atmosphere out of time.


Our commitments – Raising the know-how of French heritage

Our passion is to highlight French know-how through our unique creations. Our responsibility is to transmit these know-how and thus save the French heritage. For sustainable development, our articles are also reusable and can easily find a second life. We make sure to create timeless quality items that are transmitted and persist in time.


Women and Men Subtile Home

Many artists and craftsmen participate in the various stages of creation in manufacturing. We are a team of enthusiasts looking for perfection. The contrast is certainly what best defines our team. She is both young and experienced, creative and demanding, innovative and respectful of traditions. Our artists and technicians excellent in the art of combining their talents to offer unique articles.

Our manufacturers and workshops partners

Our Manufactures Porcelaine de Limoges / Limoges Porcelain Factory

All our porcelain items are made in our own Manufactures, ideally located in Limoges, capital of porcelain. For nearly three centuries, the Porcelain of Limoges has been known and recognized worldwide. The labeled "creative capital" by Unesco in 2017, Limoges is also the capital of fire arts.In our workshops, agile hands and experts work this living, inspiring and creative material. Many arts professions participate in the creation of each single piece. Up to 13 steps are necessary to shape each object by hand.Each piece is created, cast, finished, enamelled, controlled and then reconstructed by our care to ensure an irreproachable quality.From creation to manufacturing, we master all the steps thanks to our proven know-how and recognized by our Life Heritage Company label.Our porcelain manufacturers are labeled IGP Limoges, absolute guarantee of the origin and quality of the products.

The candle manufacturing workshop

Subtile Home candles combine two exceptional know-how. All porcelain items are made of real Limoges porcelain. They are then filled by craftsmen to ensure the best wax composition and thus offer you an olfactory and visual experience.


Craftsmen by smokers in Grasse, world capital of Parfum

We make sure to surround ourselves with the best in every discipline.

We work with smokers based in Grasse, the world capital of Parfum to offer refined and subtle olfactory signatures. Our candles and fragrances create the atmosphere that looks like you and will gently complement your universe. Depending on your desires or needs, choose the scent that will provide you with the perfect atmosphere.