Bucolique ball diffuser (bulles engraving)


Name: Spreadball (bulles engraving)

Colour: Bisque

Diameter: 76 mm

Weight: About 72 g


- Ceiling ball in porous ceramic

- Furnished with satin ribbon

- Porcelain of Limoges

- Made in France

- Spray your perfume on it


The advantages of capillarity diffusion:

No flame, no heat, or a safe diffusion

No energy consumption

A permanent broadcast



Psst, I'm sold individually without a scent of atmosphere.

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Fragrance diffuser for your wardrobe or Christmas tree.

These are olfactory balls made of porous ceramic, made with a material that does not deny your interior fragrances.

Spray ceramic with your favorite fragrance so that your clothes smell good or your Christmas parties are scented with a note dspices.

Our diffuser balls are handmade in our porcelain factory of Limoges EPV.

The original gift for the holiday season.


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