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Eclipse vases

Price €54.16
Name: Eclipse vase Colours : White Dimensions: 300x120 mm (large model), 175x65 mm (small model) Weight: about 500 g (large model),...

Onde vase

Price €133.33
Name: Onde vase Outdoor bisque and white enamel inside Dimensions: 250x110 mm Weight: About 770 g   - Original design...

Galaxie marble vase

Price €125.00
Name: Galaxie marble vase Colours: Marble Dimensions: 220x150 mm Weight: About 800 g   - Uniqueness and preciosity of each...

Small Néo Vase

Price €66.67
Name : Small Néo vase Colours: bisque or white  engraved  enamel  Available forms:  Small (S), H: 130 mm, L: 120 mm, l: 65 mm/ weight:...

Medium Néo vase

Price €108.34
Name : Medium Néo vase Colours: bisque or white enamel Available forms: Average (M), H: 190 mm, L: 145 mm, l: 90 mm/ weight: about 450...

Large Néo vase

Price €150.00
Name : Large Néo vase Colours: bisque or white enamel Large (L), H: 250 mm, L: 210 mm, l: 80 mm/ weight: about 730 g -...