Energizing Mediterranean fig Bucolique candle


Name Energizing Mediterranean fig Bucolique candle

Engraving : bubbles

Colours : Inside enamel white, Exterior biscuit

Sensors : Energizing Mediterranean fig

Cover: sold with its Jura beech wood lid

Dimensions : 80x80 mm

Weight About 350 g


- Scented candle

- Porcelain of Limoges

- Perfume of Grasse

- Made in France

- 43h burn


Some tips:

Stay close to your candle when it is lit to avoid any fire risk.

Do not let your candle burn near a heat source, air current or ventilation.

For your candle to burn harmoniously until the end, turn off the candle only when the whole surface is liquid.


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Made in France, discover our perfumed candles, housed in a porcelain of Limoges.

The perfume, coming from fatty smokers, was chosen for its subtlety.We opted for a master cider with the "Entre du Patrimoine Vivant" label to sink our candles.

A beech wood lid made in the Jura completes this candle.

Nature remains an intriguable source of inspiration.
The bucolic collection is a journey through the senses.

Close your eyes, the song of the birds resonates, the wind blows in the foliage.
Let yourself be touched by the choice of textures: wood, orchard flowers or bamboo.
This collection reminds us of the beauty that nature has to offer us


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