Marble Galaxie deep plate


Name: Marble Galaxie deep plate

Existing colours: White, marble, silver ebony

Other forms of the collection: dessert plate, large plate and vase.

Hollow plate, Ø 170 mm, 340 g

- hollow plates, dessert and large plate

- For a sophisticated evening, a meal with friends, an informal dinner...

- Hand-operated metals, absolute uniqueness

- Mix shapes and colours

- Porcelain of Limoges

- Made in France



Psst, the plates are sold individually and go to the dishwasher as well as to the microwave.

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It takes 3 to 4 weeks of time for the Grand Feu finish.



Our collection Galaxie in marble and silver ebony features the most refined and timeless shapes of our porcelain of Limoges.

The hand-held application of a putoized enamel gives it its originality.Each piece thus produced is unique.The Galaxie collection recalls the lunar aesthetics of our enamel on these simple forms.

The marbling enamel gives an elegant look to this collection.The silver touches of the ebony enamel bring a mysterious side.Finally you can mix the two colors of the collection for a contemporary effect.


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