White Néo dessert plate


Name: White Néo dessert plate

Existing colours: White, engraved, embankment and marble.

Other forms of the collection: cup, large plate, vases.

Dessert plate, H: 25 mm, L: 250 mm, l: 175 mm / weight: about 350 g

- For a sophisticated evening, a meal with friends, an informal dinner...

- Hand-operated metals, absolute uniqueness

- Mix colours with other enamels of the collection

- Porcelain of Limoges

- Made in France



Psst, the plates are sold individually and go to the dishwasher as well as to the microwave. 

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 It takes 3 to 4 weeks of time for the Grand Feu finish.



Neo is a range of porcelain of Limoges that is inspired by the simple forms of Arp and Brancusi masters of sculpture in very complex forms, but which have the appearance of simplicity.

The Neo collection evokes the pebble and stone of the Neolithic period.We have imagined a set of 3 vases with sculptural shapes to be used together or alone.
Their shapes with elegant curves will give a soft and attractive atmosphere to your interior.This collection consists of objects-sculptures both utilitarian and decorative.


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