Flower stem for ficus diffuser


Name: Flower stem

Form ficus

Dimensions: 230x9 mm

Weight : About 35 g unit


- Stem porous ceramic perfume diffuser

- Shape drawing inspiration from nature

- Aspires and diffuses the fragrance by capillarity

- Porcelain of Limoges

- Made in France


The advantages of capillarity diffusion:

▶No flame, no heat, or safe diffusion

No energy consumption

A permanent broadcast



Psst, porous ceramic rods are sold individually.

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Nature remains an intriguable source of inspiration.
The bucolic collection is a journey through the senses.

Close your eyes, the song of the birds resonates, the wind blows in the foliage.
Let yourself be touched by the choice of textures: wood, orchard flowers or bamboo.
This collection reminds us of the beauty nature has to offer.


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